Leather Apple Watch Bands

Dress up your Apple Watch with a gorgeous genuine or vegan leather strap in a variety of colors, styles and finishes. 




      Frequently Asked Questions

      Are these leather bands compatible with all Apple Watch models?

      Our bands are generally compatible with all Apple Watch models, including Series 1-9, SE, and Ultra, depending on your chosen case size. Please see individual product pages under Compatibility.

      Are leather bands suitable for people with sensitive skin?

      Leather Watch bands can vary in their suitability for people with sensitive skin, depending on the type of leather and the chemicals used in the tanning and finishing processes. Here are key points to consider:

      Type of Leather: Good quality, full grain leather is generally more natural and less likely to cause skin irritation. Lower quality leathers may be treated with more chemicals, increasing the risk of skin reactions.

      Tanning Process: Leather tanned using vegetable-based tannins is often considered more hypoallergenic than those tanned with chrome or other chemicals. If you have sensitive skin, look for bands labeled "vegetable-tanned" or "chrome-free."

      Dyes and Finishes: Some dyes and finishes used in leather processing might irritate sensitive skin. Opt for bands with natural or hypoallergenic finishes and stainless steel fasteners.

      How do I find my Apple Watch size?

      In order to find the size of your Apple Watch, simply turn it around. The model and case size of your Apple Watch are written on the top right-hand side above the watch sensor.