Best Apple Watch Bands for Surfing: Top Picks for Wave Riders!

Best Apple Watch Bands for Surfing: Top Picks for Wave Riders!

As a surf enthusiast, you know how important it is to have an Apple Watch band that can withstand the relentless assault of the waves. Whether deep in the barrel or just paddling out, it's essential to have a durable band that ensures a secure fit while you're conquering the sea.

The Apple Watch is a pivotal tool for tracking your surf sessions, and keeping it safely on your wrist is essential. So, let's dive in and explore the top Apple Watch bands that combine style, durability, and functionality, making them perfect for any water sport, including water skiing and surfing.

Top 5 Durable Apple Watch Bands for Surfing


Evebands  Rio Nylon Apple Watch Bands

The Rio Nylon Band is a standout choice for those who want their band to endure the salty brine of the sea. Constructed with water resistant material, the Rio Nylon Band quickly dries, maintaining a comfortable fit on your wrist. Its secure stainless steel buckle ensures that your Apple Watch stays on, no matter how turbulent the tide may get.

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Evebands Ventus Nylon Apple watch Bands

Next up is the Ventus Nylon Band, a perfect accompaniment for surfers who value the blend of a comfortable fit and a dash of personal expression. Its water resistant nylon material comes in an array of 31 colors, ensuring your Apple watch strap stands out as much as your surfing skills. The Velcro closure keeps the fit secure, even as you navigate the waves.

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Evebands Alius Silicone Apple watch Bands

With the Alius Silicone Band, surfers can revel in the seamless combination of robustness and comfort. This silicone band is a prime example of a water resistant, durable Apple watch band suitable for the demands of an active lifestyle. The pin-and-tuck closure on the Alius Silicone Band guarantees a secure fit, so you can focus on riding the waves while it keeps your Apple watch safely on your wrist.

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Evebands Impera Silicone Apple watch Case Bands

For surfers who demand maximum protection, the Impera Silicone Case Band is the best Apple watch band. Its water resistant silicone casing safeguards your Apple watch from the wear and tear of water sports. The stainless steel buckle offers a secure fit, and the band is designed to easily fit various wrist sizes, ensuring comfort while you tackle the ocean.

Ready to elevate your water-bound escapades? Dive in, strap up, and make every swim and surf count with Impera by your side!


Evebands Fors Silicone Apple watch Bands

Last but not least is the Fors Silicone Ultra Band, a testament to what the best Apple watch straps are all about. Engineered for high performance, this band resists the rigors of the surfing environment while maintaining a comfortable fit. The water resistant and durable silicone material ensures that the Fors Silicone Ultra Band can take on water with aplomb, making it an ideal band for surfing.

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What makes these Apple Watch bands suitable for surfing?

Our Apple Watch bands featured in this category are made from materials that are water-resistant, durable, and comfortable for all-day wear. They are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of saltwater, sand, and sun.

Are these bands compatible with all Apple Watch models?

Yes, these bands are compatible with all Apple Watch Series 1 through 9, SE, and Ultra. Each product page provides details on sizing and compatibility.

How do I clean and maintain my Apple Watch band after surfing?

The bands can be easily rinsed with fresh water and dried with a lint-free cloth. For silicone bands, mild soap can also remove any residual salt or sand.

Are these bands eligible for a return and refund policy?

Yes, please refer to our website's refund and return policy section for detailed information regarding any returns and refunds.

How secure is the Apple Watch with these bands during high-impact surfing?

Each band is designed with sturdy clasps and buckles for enhanced security, ensuring that your Apple Watch remains safely on your wrist, even during rigorous surfing activities. For added peace of mind, some surfers loop a hair tie around their bands to further prevent it from coming off or tuck the watch underneath their wetsuits. With easy-to-adjust features for a snug fit, you can trust that your watch will stay put as you tackle the waves.

Will the band's color fade over time with exposure to saltwater and sun?

Our bands are designed with high-quality materials that are resistant to fading. However, as with all dyed fabrics, long-term exposure to harsh conditions may eventually lead to some color fading.

Can I wear my Apple Watch while surfing?

Yes, you can wear your Apple Watch while surfing, but there are precautions to consider. Water resistance can diminish over time, especially with regular exposure to water, so periodic checks are recommended to maintain water resistance. Additionally, rinse your watch and band with fresh water after surfing to remove salt and sand, and dry them thoroughly. Protect the display from the sun's UV rays by using a screen protector. With these care tips, you can fully enjoy surfing with your Apple Watch on your wrist.

Which Apple Watch model is most recommended for surfing, and can other models like the Series 7 or 8 be used?

Surfing exposes the watches to extremely fast water, which is highly likely to cause damage if the watch is not properly maintained. The best model specifically tailored for surfing is the Apple Watch Ultra, with its advanced water resistance (WR100 and EN13319 certification), sturdy design, and features such as an Action button and reliable GPS tracking that cater to surfers' needs.

However, the Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 8 are also suitable for surfing with their water resistance up to 50 meters, although they may not offer the same level of ruggedness or specialized surfing features as the Ultra model.


Equipping your Apple Watch with the right band for surfing is essential for any wave rider who values performance, comfort, and style. The top 5 best Apple Watch bands we've showcased offer something for every surfer – from the durable nylon of the Rio and Ventus bands to the sleek and waterproof silicone options like the Alius, Impera, and Fors Ultra Bands. 

Each band is designed to ensure your Apple Watch can handle the surf's challenges, allowing you to focus on the pure joy and exhilaration of riding the waves. So whether you're paddling out to catch the next big swell or simply soaking up the sun on the shore, rest assured that these Apple Watch bands are crafted to enhance your surfing experience while keeping your tech safe and secure. 

Now it's time to hit the waves with confidence and let your Apple Watch strap be a testament to your love for the ocean and the sport of surfing.