The Perfect Apple Watch Bands for Small Wrists

The Perfect Apple Watch Bands for Small Wrists

Of course, you’d love to wear your Apple Watch all day, every day. But finding an Apple Watch band that perfectly wraps around your small wrist can be such a PAIN. 

The band is either too loose to sit still on your wrist or so tight that it irritates your skin. Even if by luck you get one that somewhat fits, it’s almost always in a design that may not suit your style. 

We totally get it. But why sacrifice comfort, style, and versatility for functionality?

We’re here to help you get a band that matches your style while fitting your small wrist like a dream.

Find your perfect Apple watch band today from our carefully selected list of the best Apple Watch Bands for small wrists!

8 Best Apple Watch Bands for Small Wrists

Lusio Silicone Apple Watch Band

Lusio Silicone Apple Watch Bands

The Lusio is perfect for small wrists starting from 4.9 inches. The band has numerous holes for proper ventilation and easy adjustments. It’s also smooth and flexible, so you can easily wrap it around your wrists for a snug fitting. 

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Nova Silicone Apple Watch Band

Nova Silicone Apple Watch Bands

The Nova watch band is made of light silicone and has a slim band design that will complement your small wrist. You can comfortably wear it all day without feeling any bulkiness. It is perfect for wrist sizes starting from 5.1 inches.

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Lyon Leather Apple Watch Band

Lyon Leather Apple Watch Bands

Looking for style and comfort? Look no further than the Lyon Apple Watch band. The premium brown leather is soft to the touch and adds a luxurious feel, while its flexibility allows you to adjust it to fit your wrist like a glove.

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Chloe Leather Apple Watch Band

Chloe Leather Apple Watch Bands

The stylish Chloe bands are the perfect choice for women with delicate wrists. You’ll love how light and breathable the slim leather band is, never overpowering your slender wrist. The beautiful ivory color also adds a touch of elegance to match a classy modern look. 

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Rio Nylon Apple Watch Band

Rio Nylon Apple Watch Bands

You’ll love the Rio Apple Watch Band for its practical aesthetics. The woven nylon band is lightweight and breathable, perfect for an active life. The stainless steel buckle and two fixed metal loops will help you adjust the band to the smallest fitting and tuck away the excess.

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Ventus Nylon Apple Watch Band

Ventus Nylon Apple Watch Bands

Made from well-ventilated, high-quality nylon, the Ventus Apple watch band was designed to give you maximum comfort while you’re on the run. The lightweight, flexible material has a Velcro mechanism that securely wraps the band around your small wrist for the perfect fit. You can choose from a selection of 31 colors to match your mood or various outfits. 

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Seville Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

Seville Stainless Steel Apple Watch Bands

Turn heads with the sophisticated Seville Apple Watch band. The light and flexible Milanese design adds elegance and class to your modern look. Plus, it has a magnetic fastening to wrap the band around your small wrists securely. 

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Caliber Titanium Ultra Apple Watch Band

Caliber Titanium Ultra Apple Watch Bands

If you’re looking for an Ultra Apple Watch band, the Caliber Watch Bands are the perfect choice for small wrists. The sleek, lightweight titanium provides superior strength and durability without compromising comfort and style. It fits wrist sizes as small as 5.3 inches but also comes with a free adjustment tool, so you can remove more links to find the perfect fitting. 

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What materials are best for smaller wrists?

Finding the right material for your Apple Watch band isn’t just about durability when you have small wrists. You also need to consider the texture, flexibility, and weight. 

You want to go for soft, flexible, and lightweight materials for maximum comfort and easy adjusting. With that in mind, here are the best materials if you have a small wrist:


Soft leather is usually flexible and lightweight, so it wraps around small wrists easily and is comfortable for everyday wear. The bands also usually come with buckles or sports loop designs, and you can easily adjust them for the perfect fit. 

Stainless Steel

You don’t have to worry about this material being bulky or unforgiving when it comes to fitting. Stainless steel designs like the Milanese loops are actually flexible and light. The mesh that makes up the band also provides excellent ventilation for your wrists, and you can easily adjust it to your desired size. 


This material is also a great choice for small wrists because it is light and breathable. You can adjust it easily to find just the right fit for your tiny wrists. That’s why woven nylon is popularly used to make Sport loop bands.


If you’re looking for the perfect grip, Silicone is a great option. The soft, flexible material offers a snug, comfortable fit around your wrist. A great example is an elastic solo loop design made of interwoven silicone thread.

How do I correctly measure my wrist/band size?

For the perfect fitting, you need the right measurements. Think of it as getting your measurements taken for a tailored suit, but it is much simpler. You can measure your wrist right from home. You only need a tailor’s tape or a string and a standard straight ruler. 

Depending on what you have at hand, you can apply either of these two methods:

Method 1: Using a flexible tape measure.

  1. Place the metal tip (the 0 inch/cm mark) of the tailor’s tape at the center of your wrist and hold it there.
  2. Wrap the tape around your wrist and note where the tape crosses the metal tip. 
  3. The number at that point marks your wrist circumference, i.e., your wrist measurement.

Method 2: Using a string and a ruler.

  1. Place one end of the string at the center of your wrist and hold it in place.
  2. Wrap the string around your wrist and clearly mark where the string overlaps the starting point.
  3. Use a straight ruler to measure the length between the starting point and where you marked. 
  4. That length represents your wrist measurement.

Key things to note:

  • When measuring, place your hand on a flat surface. It should be facing up with the palm open.
  • Think of where you prefer wearing your watch and measure the appropriate section. It could be on the wrist bone or below it.
  • When wrapping the string or tailor’s tape around your wrists, ensure it’s a gentle hug around your wrist and not too tight.
  • Add about 13-25 mm (0.5-1.5 inches) to your wrist size for a snug fit or future adjustments.

How your wrist measurement determines your ideal band length and watch face size.

While your wrist circumference is unique, you won’t find an AppleWatch band specifically designed for your measurements unless you opt for a custom fit. Your size will normally fall within a certain range instead. For example, small wrists typically fall within the average range of 130-200 mm (roughly 5-7 inches). 

The recommended Apple Watch face size for small wrists within that range is between 38-41 mm, depending on your type of Apple watch. As for the band length, it depends on the band design.

Standard two-piece bands that attach on either side of your Apple Watch are usually measured as X/Y mm (e.g., 100/50 mm). X is the longer side, while Y is the shorter side with the buckle or clasp. 

For small wrists between 5 -5.9 inches (127-150 mm) or less, the band length can range from 95/55mm to 110/55mm or less.

For single-strap bands like the solo loop, you can subtract your Apple watch face size from your wrist measurement to find the band length you need to buy for the perfect fit. 

For example, let’s say your wrist circumference is 150mm and you have an Apple Watch measuring 40mm:

  1. Subtract the 40mm face size from your wrist measurement (150mm). 
  2. The difference, which is 110mm, is your ideal total band length.

How do I adjust an Apple Watch band for a better fit?

At times, adjusting your Apple Watch Band is the best way to find a perfect fit. How you go about this largely depends on the design and material of your Apple Watch band. Some watch bands come with adjustable designs that allow you to get a better fit easily. 

With our Crux Apple Watch Band, the elastic solo loop has a convenient gliding closure that allows you to adjust the length of the loop. So, even if the band stretches out over time, you can still resize it to the right fitting.

But in some cases, you may be forced to adjust the band’s design altogether. That’s why we offer a free adjustment tool with some of our linked or meshed metal band designs. You can use the free tool to remove a few links from the band and get the perfect size. 

A close-up photo of a person's wrist wearing a silver Apple Watch Series


Finding the right Apple Watch band size isn’t just about your Apple Watch functioning properly. It’s also about comfort and finding the right designs to accentuate your small wrists. 

Whether for a special occasion or everyday wear, you deserve a stylish watch band that securely fits your wrist. At Eve Bands, we offer unique designs that cater to a wide range of sizes. Our bands are also compatible with the Apple Watch Series 1-9, SE, and Ultra ranging from face sizes 38-49mm.

End your search today! Choose from our collection of Apple Watch bands for small wrists and purchase the perfect band in your size and style.