8 Best Apple Watch Bands for Sleeping

8 Best Apple Watch Bands for Sleeping

An Apple Watch is truly the best device for a healthy life. It’s like a fitness partner that gives you meaningful insights about your health, including your sleep.

However, not all watch bands are comfortable to sleep in. Some people find the band heavy, tight, or irritating to the skin.

That’s why, in this guide, we will share with you not only the best Apple Watch bands for sleeping but also the benefits and downsides of wearing your Apple Watch while you sleep and everything else in between. 

Can Apple Watch Track My Sleep?

Yes, the Apple Watch tracks your sleep and other important health information.

It monitors your heart rate, logs your medications, tracks your menstrual cycle (for females), and keeps a log of your mood and emotions. It can also make personalized recommendations for good sleep practices.

Simply open the Sleep app on your watch, follow the instructions, and the device does the rest. Some potential drawbacks, however, are battery life concerns and comfort and fit. Some people just find it cumbersome to wear one while sleeping

But for the latter concern, we’ve got you covered. Here are some Apple Watch bands that prioritize your personal comfort. 

Find the Perfect Apple Watch Band for Sleeping

1. Stella Nylon - Most Comfortable Apple Watch Band for Sleeping

Stella Nylon Apple Watch Band for Sleeping


Comfort is paramount with any wearable technology. No matter how beautiful the band may be, you may end up abandoning it if it’s uncomfortable on your wrist. More so if you have to wear it all day, every day.

With the Stella Nylon Apple Watch Band, you get both comfort and style. It’s lightweight, so you may not feel like wearing your watch at all.

Why it’s great:

This nylon band is fashionable and functional. It is designed to complement the overall look of your Apple watch band during the day. 

This band also has hypoallergenic properties and offers a combination of breathability and lightweight construction, making it ideal for extended wear, even at night. Upgrade your wardrobe with a comfortable and stylish Stella Nylon Apple Watch Band. Buy It Here.

2. Nova Silicone - Skin-Friendly Apple Watch Band

Nova Silicone - Skin-Friendly Apple Watch Band

Friction, sweat, nickel, and other materials that come in contact with the wrist can cause skin irritation.

That said, we have introduced a product that rectifies this problem. This wristband is called the Nova Silicone Apple Watch Band

Why it’s great:

It is made of silicone, which prevents skin irritation. It also has breathable air holes that allow sweat evaporation and air circulation, perfect for sensitive skin.

It is breathable, lightweight, resistant to water and sweat (non-porous), and it has an adjustable fit (5.1"-7.9" /130 mm-200 mm).

Moreover, it has a secure and comfortable stainless steel buckle that is easy to fasten and loosen. Personalize your Apple Watch today with the Nova Silicone Apple Watch Band. Buy it Here.

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3. Ventus Nylon Apple Watch Band - Soft and Breathable Design

Ventus Nylon Apple Watch Band

If you’re sensitive to having a watch on your wrist while you sleep but still prefer to track your sleep patterns, invest in the
Ventus Nylon Apple Watch Band.

Why it’s great:

Soft and breathable, this Apple Watch band never traps sweat during the day or night. Plus, it’s lightweight. The nylon material is also highly breathable.

This is compatible with Series 1 - 9, SE & Ultra, and it has a Velcro fastening. So, it’s easy to put on and take off your watch even in the dark.

Get this band that matches your personal style and comfort.

4. Evo Silicone Apple Watch Ultra Band - Non-Slip and Customizable Fit

Evo Silicone Apple Watch Ultra Band

It’s rare to find an Apple Watch band that’s strong, durable, and soft at the same time. But these are the features you’ll find in the Evo Silicone Apple Watch Ultra Band.

Why it’s great:

The Evo Silicone Apple Watch Ultra Band is lightweight, easy to clean, and sweat- and water-resistant. It comes in different colors and is a great choice for activewear and nighttime sleep.

Silicone is also less prone to allergic reactions. At first glance, it looks like a high-performance fluoroelastomer material (famous for its outstanding resistance to heat and oils but pretty expensive) or rubber. 

Still, it is tougher than an average elastic strap.

Its adjustable and adjustable strap allows users a snug fit, regardless of wrist size. Excited to own this watch band that ensures long-lasting durability? Buy It Here.

5. Milano Silicone Apple Watch Band - Resistant to Water and Sweat

Milano Silicone Apple Watch Band

Here’s another watch band that hugs your wrist without causing discomfort and irritation during sleep. Thanks to its breathable structure.

Why it’s great:

The Milano Silicone Apple Watch Strap is made of high-quality, soft silicone that is extremely lightweight. It prevents sweat accumulation and is comfortable to wear all day and even at night.

To ensure a comfortable fit, the Milano silicone Apple watch bands in our store come in different sizes from 38mm to 49mm. To know the size of your watch, turn it around, and you’ll see the case size and model at the top right-hand side near the watch sensor.

Buy It Here.

6. Dio Nylon Apple Watch Band - With a Convenient Gliding Closure

Dio Nylon Apple Watch Band

Next, we have the Dio Nylon Apple Band. It is durable yet surprisingly soft for optimum comfort for a good night’s sleep.

Why it’s great:

The breathable, soft fabric of this watch band is known for its comfort. It is gentle on the skin, stretchy enough for easy adjustment, and the design is extremely versatile on different occasions.  

Aside from comfort, one of the biggest benefits of choosing the Dio Nylon Apple Watch band is its durability. It is a sturdy material that is very easy to install yet very safe to wear during sleep.

For added convenience, you can open the band by sliding the closure. Then, adjust the band to make it more comfortable, ensuring it’s not too loose or tight since both can cause discomfort. Buy It Here.

7. Lucie Silicone Apple Watch Band - Stylish and Practical

Lucie Silicone Apple Watch Band

If you’re looking for a cozy yet fashionable watch band, the
Lucie Silicone Apple Watch Band is an excellent choice for you.

Why it’s great:

This cool piece of Apple watch band seamlessly blends comfort and style. It’s like a trendy bracelet for your Apple Watch. It is resistant to water and sweat, easy to clean, and compatible with Series 1 - 9, SE & Ultra 1-2.

It also comes with a secure pin-and-tuck closure that enhances the appearance of your Apple watch and makes it easy to install and remove your watch.

Jazz up your Apple Watch today. Buy This Watch Here.

8. Crux Nylon Apple Watch Band - Comfortable Stretchy Nylon

Crux Nylon Apple Watch Band

Lastly, we have the Crux Nylon Band, which has a soft and breathable design.

Why it’s great:

This watch band is made from comfortable, stretchy nylon. 

It is easy to put on and off with a gliding closure, ensuring the fit won’t be too loose or too tight. The band is also made of an easy-to-clean material that doesn’t irritate the skin, even if you wear it to sleep.

Color-wise, it’s a combination of subtle and elegant. It goes with almost anything you wear during the day and is cute for casual wear, too!

For a good value for money, Buy This Watch Here.

Track Sleep with Apple Watch

Like other sleep trackers, the Apple Watch monitors your sleep using an accelerometer and a heart rate sensor. The accelerometer detects motion.

Then, the Apple Watch utilizes an algorithm to analyze the data it gathers and compare it to clinical sleep studies’s parameters. The result it displays includes the time spent on every sleep stage, respiratory rate, heart rate, and blood oxygen level.

Tracking your sleep with an Apple Watch helps you assess the quality of your sleep and what you can do to improve it. Still, the result is not intended to replace actual medical sleep studies.

It promises to measure your sleep and awake time and provide insights into the quality of sleep you get each night.

Your Apple Watch even has a Sleep Focus feature, which simplifies your lock screen and limits the notifications you receive based on your set preferences. This is a good feature to use when you’re trying to reduce your screen time before bed, or you’re a light sleeper.

Setting up a sleep reminder

Your Apple Watch can prompt you with a notification to start a “Wind-Down”. On the Sleep App installed on your iPhone, tap Sleep and Full Schedule. Toggle for the slider so you’ll get to the Sleep Reminders. In this part, you can adjust your sleep goals, sleep schedule, and wind-down time.


That brings us to our verdict: which among these is the best Apple watch band for sleeping? Our top pick would be the Stella Nylon Apple Watch Band. It’s lightweight and provides a perfect fit.

Nylon is also durable, tough, and strong, with resistance to abrasion and wear. Thus, it’s something you’ll feel confident wearing even during the day. The Crux Nylon Apple Watch Band is a nice choice, too! It’s a mix of fit, quality, and elasticity—all great for sleeping and day wear.

Nonetheless, all of these choices can be your best pick. Choose from any of these top-quality Apple watch bands for sleeping to help you achieve optimal sleep tracking without compromising comfort and style.

That’s a wrap. We wish you a restful night, buddy.